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Reducing the costs of hedge fund investing

About Us

Founded in 2020, Stalwart Holdings UK LLP is a vertical FinTech company. Our goal is to enable sophisticated investors to participate in hedge fund strategies with a reduced cost and no performance fees, resulting in returns that are above the industry average.

We achieve that through full automation of most processes, including portfolio management, risk management and middle office functions.

We are registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority as a Small Alternative Investment Fund Manager under registration number 931562.

Investment Methodology Fully Automated Decison Making
Equity Models

We earn sensible returns through our long exposure to US and UK equities. This exposure includes tracker index funds and individual stocks chosen by internally developed strategies to detect value-for-money stocks, size effects and overall momentum in the market.

Risk Management

We perform active risk management through the use of futures and options in the S&P 500 Index, the Volatility Index (VIX) and the US Dollar. Our hedging decisions are fully systematic, with no discretionary overlay and no allowance for leverage greater than 100%.

Strategy Allocation

Our hedging ratios are decided by a second layer of automation that identifies the correct timing and sizing of positions using an overlay of behavioural economics and mainstream economics.

In the News Some examples of public recognition of our work

Stalwart Holdings AI trader was mentioned at Opalesque, an internationally recognised hedge fund news service read by elite hedge fund managers across the globe.

Our CEO, Dr Fabio Dias, published a technical paper about the hedging method used by Stalwart Holdings at Computational Economics, a leading journal (indexed by Scopus) focussed on the use of computational science to solve complex economic problems.

Dr Dias was invited to speak about optimal operational infrastructure for hedge funds at Emex London 2024, an event with global reach dedicated to the top smaller hedge fund managers.

Dr Dias, also an academic at University of Surrey, consistently ranked as a top 10 university in the UK for Business and Economics by the Times Higher Education Rankings, gave the following presentation about Stalwart to other leading academics:


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